Resolution for LED light

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Which torch to choose? Choosing the right tool is important for any job. The fact that you are reading this means you are probably looking for a modestly sized high powered LED torch. You may well work in law enforcement, be a hunter or an industry professional who needs a quality torch. You probably use Wolf Eyes Torches departmentally at work, this research may even be for your department. Or you might just be someone who likes quality and high performance.

Light Source: When torches were first invented the light source was incandescent, or the standard globe as we know it. These days the choice has widened with both LEDs and HID torches available. Each has their advantages.

Incandescent globes produce full spectrum light, meaning it has all wavelengths or all colours of the rainbow. This means you can put a filter over the light and get the filtered wavelength light projecting out the front (filters work by restraining unwanted wavelengths and only letting the desired wavelength through – ie red filters only let the red wavelength through). The disadvantage of incandescent globe torches is high power use, because the globe is producing all these wavelengths (including unseen ones such as IR – infra red) and heat the power use is high and batteries flatten quicker. Incandescent globes also produce high heat. Incandescent globes in torches often blow quicker, this is because to make the filament glow brighter you have to make it thinner, which makes it less durable. This is especially true when the torch globe is turned on or immediately after turning off. These days it is hard to find incandescent torches but we can provide some of our models in incandescent versions if required.

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